Will this riot shake US national capital?

Will this riot shake the country’s capital?

My answer is yes.

racial equality?Face Engineering

In August 1963, at the 100th anniversary of the signing of the “Declaration of the Emancipation of the Slaves”, Martin Luther King Jr. stepped on the stone steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DCThe black man curled up in the corner, leaving his cry–

I have a dream.

“I dream that one day, on the Red Mountains in Georgia, the sons of former slaves will be able to sit together with the sons of former slave owners and share brotherhood.”

With just one sentence, the white man burst into tears.

After eight years of arduous struggle, Martin Luther King finally pushed the black equal rights movement to a climax.

His sincere and passionate speech touched the hearts of all listeners, including the white elite including President Kennedy.

Even if President Kennedy was assassinated four months later, the succeeding President still passed the Equal Rights Act one year later.

The bill officially abolished the unfair treatment of black people in the United States, and for the first time in law gave black people truly equal human rights.

Legal inequality is abolished, but deep-rooted discrimination and exploitation have never disappeared in society.

In fact, Martin Luther King’s greatest contribution is not really to promote the realization of racial equality in the United States, but to make more people pay attention to the issue of racial equality and make racial equality a political right.

Even in the status of public opinion, black people have more say than white people.

Sterling, the owner of the NBA Clippers, said during an argument with his girlfriend,

“Listen, don’t put photos of black people on the Internet, I don’t want people to know that you have dealings with them, which is very shameful.”

After this recording broke out, the entire NBA caused an uproar.

First, the Clippers coaches and players launched an anti-racism movement, followed by celebrities including Obama publicly denounced Stirling.

In the end, the NBA made a $2.5 million fine, banned Stirling from going to the Clippers’ home games for life, and threatened Sterling to sell the Clippers.

▲ Famous people from all walks of life in the United States have come out to denounce Stirling’s racial discrimination

Just because of a wrong sentence, Sterling has become a cross-border rat in the entire NBA.

This is the extremely powerful “ruling power” of black people in the field of public opinion. This is the achievement of racial equality in the United States for more than 100 years. This is Martin Luther King’s greatest contribution to the black people.

That’s all.

In public opinion, black people have a huge voice.

In the mouth of the government and on all public occasions, racial equality is held up by justice.

But in every aspect of life, black people are still ants stepped on their feet by white people.

In the workplace, blacks are still subject to the most discrimination and unequal treatment; on the streets, police officers can still search blacks for no reason, and in private they will shout “Listen to us shooting only blacks”; in Minnesota, innocent Freud still wailed and lost his life under the knee of the white policeman.

Even though black presidents have already ruled the White House, 47 million blacks still cannot be co-owners of this country.

▲ Obama is the 11th generation descendant of the first African black slave Ponchi in the United States

The government guided the black community to speak for themselves. The elite white people stood up and said, “Black people are our brothers.” Officials denied that they treated black people differently on any occasion.

Among the 435 members of the House and Senate (116th), there are 56 black members, and 12% of the total is about equal to the proportion of black people in the entire US population.

But do we see in the news which person in charge of key positions is black?

Of the 1.3 million active-duty military personnel in the US Army, 43% are colored, but of the 41 top commanders in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, there are only 2 blacks.

Of the remaining 39, a third-generation Japanese-American and 38 whites.

▲ The top US military officers sitting next to Trump are all “white skin”

This is racial equality in the United States, and the face-saving project is almost complete without dead ends.

and then? Do black people really enjoy the power they deserve?

So, this is why the black people on the street are confused and angry, they don’t know how to change all this, they don’t know what they should do, and what can they do?

“You have to do something because we have done nothing!”

In fact, in the United States decades ago, a large number of black people did something.

Strangling with one hand, raising pigs with one hand

Huy Newton, another black leader at the same time as Martin Luther King, founded a national black organization, the Black Panther Party, in 1966.

Compared with Martin Luther King’s moderate and even suffocating nonviolent struggle, the Black Panthers acted as sturdy as its name, and both Newton and Black Panthers believed that blacks should be tough when they are treated unfairly And resolutely resist.

▲ The gun does not leave the hand, always guard against the Black Panther Party of the police, on the right is Huey Newton

When they “looked” on the streets of California and saw that the white policemen were working against the blacks for no reason, they pulled out their guns to confront the police,

They not only aim to eliminate racial discrimination, but also pay more attention to uniting the masses to take the class struggle line. The white laborers, Latinos and female affirmatives at the bottom have joined the Panthers.

The core program guiding their actions is Marxism.

After rapidly growing and clashing with local police, Black Panther quickly aroused the FBI’s vigilance.

Hoover, the FBI’s chief, believes that the Black Panther Party is a force cultivated by communism and international anti-American forces. It will pose a serious threat to the social stability of the United States and must be completely hanged.

Some of the core members were arrested and imprisoned by the police, and some were shot directly at home by the FBI. After the arrest of the mildest leader, Bobby Hill, the court coerced lawyers from defending them.

On the day of the trial, Bobby made his request to act as a defender, but the judge directly ordered:

“Put his mouth shut and don’t let him speak.”

The founder Huey Newton lost his fighting spirit, and the Black Panther Party who lost its soul fell into a violent gang on the street and completely lost its fighting power and influence.

This is the cunning of the US government. When it is changed and guided, the high-profile social status of blacks is given to the blacks, and the equal rights are adhered to with political correctness to prevent being “grabbed”; on the one hand, it threatens all the blacks. The advanced forces do a complete strangulation, so that progressive ideas, sports leaders, and methods of struggle are completely insulated from the black community.

At the same time, let a small number of black elites lucky enough to complete the class jump into the white class, and completely cut off from the original black people.

After these few moves, the entire black group will be domesticated as a “low-level person” who has no thought, no organization, and no goal, but only the desire to survive.

This is commonly known as the pig raising strategy.

The irregular demonstrations, smashing and looting of black groups are all the “vent and decompression” mouths left by the government’s acquiescence. After the trouble is over, the government has done so and calmed down, giving out little compensation, and the blacks dispersed. The situation subsided and the “pig raising” remained the same.

In the end, the gangsters will find a desperate but desperate discovery: after so many years, why have we not achieved any results and why have we done nothing?

Compared to wisdom, it is more insidious. How can the five big and three thick old black men compare to those white old men?

Unsustainable pig breeding strategy

But this time, the pig breeding strategy will not be maintained.

Because raising pigs also requires wisdom and cost.

In the era of George W. Bush, the Fed implemented a zero interest rate policy for a long time. At the same time, the government vigorously sponsored Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to issue subprime loans to help the people realize the dream of buying a house. The black people at the bottom were completely destroyed by the “homeowner’s home” cake. Captured.

In the Obama era, the first African-American was elected president in history. His skin color was his greatest advantage in winning the favor of blacks. At the same time, the universal medical insurance system that he spared no effort to promote won the great favor of the Americans at the bottom. (After he resigned, many policies were abolished by Trump).

These are the tangible benefits Washington brings to the Blacks, and these are the ballast stones that stabilize the black community. Real gold and silver benefit the blacks, especially the blacks at the bottom, which is the most effective way to stabilize racial conflicts.

But now, the black people will not survive.

▲ Black people wandering the streets of New York

Five things from top to bottom, in chronological order.

  1. The income gap between blacks and whites reached a 40-year maximum.
  2. Among the top 350 US companies by market capitalization, the CEO’s salary is 312 times the average salary of all employees. This number was 20 times in 1965 and 58 times in 1989.
  3. In the epidemic, the mortality rate of blacks exceeds 163% of whites.
  4. 39 million people in the United States are unemployed, accounting for 25% of the total workforce of 160 million.
  5. The Fed printed money quantitatively, but most of the money flowed into the financial system. The biggest beneficiaries were Wall Street and large companies. Ordinary Americans need tax and unemployment certifications to receive relief payments. The black people at the bottom who have been in the “black-work” state for a long time are not counted as employed people. Naturally, they cannot be regarded as unemployed, and they cannot obtain unemployment certification.

Strong dollars and strong finances have made Wall Street elite, but they have completely smashed the rice bowls of low-tech jobs at the bottom.

The hollowing out of the manufacturing industry, on the one hand, has kept the wages of the workers’ bottom-line workers at a standstill for more than a decade, and on the other hand, has left tens of thousands of blue-collar workers out of work.

▲ “Detroit, the dead factory”

The rust belt is dilapidated and fragrant, and the low-end manufacturing industry is ruined. Blacks were the hardest hit, and a large number of whites began to fall into the mud.

In 2016, a research report by the Pew Research Center showed that among the 229 metropolitan areas surveyed, the proportion of middle-class families in 203 cities has declined in the past decade, and the backbone of the society, the middle class, has fallen below 50. %.

In 2018, the number of poor people in the United States exceeded 40 million, accounting for 14.3% of the total population, setting the highest value since 1952. On average, one out of every seven people is a poor population.

The wealth owned by 0.1% of the wealthiest households is equivalent to the total wealth of 90% of ordinary households. This is almost the same as the data before the Great Depression of 1929.

The terrible thing is not to be poor all the time, but to make those who have been used to a rich life become poor again.

Therefore, among the thugs who participated in the smashing and robbing on the street, there were more and more white people in the crowd who shouted “Eat The Rich” outside Beverly Hills. The bottom white people in front of the rich people and the black people all at once With the ability to empathize.

The core problem is changing from the previous race problem to a mixture of “black and white” + “poor and rich”, and the two have formed a positive strengthening of a continuous role.

This is a fundamental contradiction in American society that is difficult to return to. There is no solution.

Unsolved problems caught in an endless loop

No solution is reflected in two aspects.

First, the gap between the rich and the poor caused by the hollowing out of the industry has widened.

Second, there is no solution to the conflict caused by the rapid increase in the number of black people and other minorities.

Let’s look at them separately.

Let me talk about the rich and the poor.

Trump’s strategy during his campaign was extremely simple and crude, that is, the United States is supreme, that is, the United States closed its doors to live a good life. This is the most desirable life of the red necks in the south and the increasingly middle class.

Just like when they were young, their parents lived in the seventies and eighties.

But this is impossible.

In 2019, Obama used a two-hour documentary “American Factory” to show the embarrassment of the return of the American manufacturing industry in a peaceful and profound way to everyone.

Cao Dewang wanted to bring the workers back to the Ford assembly line era, expecting American workers to have the same hardship and responsibility as the Chinese, but the reality is that American workers have low work efficiency and low production quality, but they do not need to pay low.

Cao Dewang didn’t want to compromise. He came to do business and make money, not to make money for charity.

The workers didn’t want to compromise. They came from GM’s most glorious days. How can the days get worse?

Cao Dewang is sincere, and the workers are sincere. Cao Dewang couldn’t figure it out, nor could the workers.

Times have changed.

The final choice is that Cao Dewang’s factory is becoming more and more mechanized, because it costs less than hiring and training Americans.

More painful than Cao Dewang is Guo Taiming.

In 2017, Guo Taiming announced that he would invest US$10 billion in Wisconsin to build a factory to produce liquid crystal panels (LCDs) for televisions and various electronic products.

Governor Scott Walker gave $4.1 billion in subsidies, and Trump even attended the groundbreaking ceremony, calling it a typical example of job creation for the recovery of the manufacturing industry, “the eighth wonder of the world.”

Ernst & Young analyzed that the factory will bring 13,000 direct jobs, drive up and downstream industries to increase 22,000 jobs, and 10,000 construction workers.

But the final job budget is: by the end of 2020, recruit 1,000 people.

The reason is that no one is recruited in the United States.

All panel factories in the world are located in Southeast Asia. Americans do not have any manufacturing experience. Tweezers and chopsticks pick up beans. This flexibility of the hands and patient “interview questions” can hardly be passed in the United States.

Harvard University professor Shi Zhaowei wrote in “Forbes” that the United States does not have this kind of talent at all. If you want to open a factory, you must recruit people from China.

The last governor of Wisconsin has stepped down, and neither the promised subsidies nor resolved jobs have been put in place, and Trump’s “paradigm” has turned into a chicken.

Now, there is a new round of controversy on the ground: Is the subsidy for Foxconn a waste of resources?

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” sounds majestic and glorious, but companies simply won’t buy it. On the one hand, high labor costs and decades of workers’ technical faults have dissuaded manufacturing.

On the other hand, the powerful financial industry has been sucking blood. Wall Street hungrily grabbed the resources of the entire society, backed up the manufacturing space, and gradually pushed the US economy into a real abyss.

Making money is so simple and easy. Who is going to do manufacturing?

As long as the dollar hegemony continues, and as long as the US financial industry remains strong, it is impossible to achieve a revival of the manufacturing industry, and it is impossible for the middle class to continue to be glorious on the production line.

The United States is not Singapore or Luxembourg. He is the third most populous country in the world with 330 million people. With a working population of 160 million, can all live a prosperous life in the financial industry and manufacturing?

Idiot said dreams.

But capital never cares about this. Under the double catastrophe of epidemic situation ➕ riots, US stocks have risen.

Who is the big player in the stock market? A black man who smashed and burnt? Or the bottom white people who are waiting to pay rent after they lose their jobs?

Continue to develop along the path of strong finance, the composition of the American population will be: 0.1% elite + 19.9% middle class + 80% pigs.

This is nothing more than an upgraded version of the Black Slave Manor 150 years ago. The last time the Civil War broke out in the United States, this time, what will be the consequences?

Another unsolved problem is that in the past few decades, the proportion of white people in the United States is rapidly decreasing.

In 1950, the proportion of white Americans was as high as 90%. By 2018, the proportion of whites had fallen below 63%.

In 2014, the percentage of whites enrolled in elementary schools in the United States was less than 50%.

In 2018, the average age (non-life) of Americans is 38 years, while the average age of white people is 45 years.

Several research reports predict that the proportion of white people in the total population will fall below 50% between 2040 and 2050.

In the not-too-distant future, the rapidly increasing number of people of color (Latino, black, Asian) will become the majority of American ethnicity, and the white people who set the rules of this country and ruled this country for a long time will be reduced to Minority.

This is an irreversible trend.

On the one hand, the reduced number of whites, especially the elite class, will inevitably adopt greater deterrence in order to block their ascending channels in order to continue their dominance and voice.

On the other hand, people of color who continue to grow in number will definitely fight more fiercely in order to win the right to match their ethnicity.

The white class should continue to “I have the final say”, and the appeal of the minority is “listen to me”.

The inevitable conflicts of interest distribution between the vested interests and the late risers, and the deep-rooted prejudice, humiliation, bloody tears, and hatred that have accumulated over the centuries, every time the demonstrations erupt, the contradiction between the white and the minority will be Deeper.

An economy that continues to decline will become a fuse, detonating the entire United States at a certain critical point, just like the Civil War 2.0, a large-scale internal division war.

Don’t think this is alarmist or unimaginable.

In Graham Allison’s words:

The contradiction lies in the fact that people are always panicked and shocked by the most sudden wars, but they are illusory about the contradictions and hidden dangers accumulated for a long time.

Write at the end:

The split between the rich and the poor and the change in the proportion of the population between different ethnic groups are, in the final analysis, still the shallow cause of the unrest in the United States.

The real deep-seated reason is that the integration of multiple races in the form of the entire country and geographical space is simply not a problem that can be solved in a short time.

From the end of the 17th century, a large number of black slaves arrived in the port of Virginia to the present, but more than three hundred years.

From 1865, when Lincoln signed the “Declaration of the Emancipation of the Slaves”, the first black people were regained their freedom until now, but it was only 155 years.

It has only been more than 50 years since Congress passed the Equal Rights Act in 1964 and legally granted blacks equal rights.

The United States wants to use 50 years and 100 years to artificially solve the race problem in the evolution of human history over 10,000 years. This is an impossible thing in itself.

Since the first entry of ethnic minorities in the Western Jin Dynasty into the Central Plains, ethnic integration in China has gone through more than 1,700 years.

In these more than 1700 years-

There was the reform of Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the relocation of Luoyang to the Central Plains, the prohibition of Hu language, the change of Han surnames, and respect for Confucius, and the full implementation of sinicization, laying the foundation for the rule of the nomadic regime.

There were Tang Taizong’s tremendous turmoil, East Turks, Hui and other alien generals all returned to the Tang Dynasty, and they were loyal. After the death of Li Shimin, many alien generals asked for burial.

There are many countries in the Northern Song Dynasty, Liao, Jin, Xixia, and Mongolia. The political powers established by these ethnic minorities in the north have been written into the history books, and they are all an inseparable part of the 5000-year history of the Chinese nation.

The question of race cannot be rushed or hurried, and the only answer is long enough.

From November 11, 1620, the Mayflower docked in the Americas, and the white people took root in this land. It was only 400 years since they were full.

Some things are destined to be solved with 5,000 years of wisdom.

And 400 years of experience can only do nothing.

The history of this country is still too short, and the history of this country is still too shallow.

America, America, is still too tender.

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