When I woke up, I married the richest man

When Qi Qi woke up, he was lying in a mansion with a helicopter parked on the roof.

She lost her memory.

The housekeeper told her that two years ago, she and Xun’s family member Xun Xun married—the cool and expensive financial crocodile who stomped his feet and could shake the business world. The richest man!

Business marriage, no emotion. Xun Xun was fed up with Qi Qi’s entanglement and Missy sent the party, throwing out a paper agreement:

“Divorce. I give you three million living expenses every year, and you can choose any property in my name.”

“If you are willing to sign, you will also receive 500 million cash compensation at once.”

Qi Qi was stunned: such a thing as getting rich overnight is true, it is true! !

“Lilili! Come, sign now!”

Xun Xun: “?”

The following day, Qi Qi’s Weibo profile was changed:

No marriage, no childbirth, peace, happiness with money and love 🙂


Xun Xun is a bit autistic recently:

In the past, the little wife who only surrounded him, how did she wake up and become a person?

Not only did he not bother with him in public relations, but his mother urged him to get a divorce every day.

Asked about the reason, Qi Fangfei was a little rich woman Qi: “I don’t love it anymore. I used to only love his money.”

Xun Xun became an abandoned husband Xun: “…very good.”

One day, Qi Qi held a dinner on a private yacht. Xun Xun looked at the hot woman’s goblin leaning against the popular little fresh meat, her eyes were silky and she smiled.

The looming red lip mark on the collar of the small fresh meat was hot to Xun Xun’s eyes.

So that night, half of the entertainment circle saw the rare richest man in the airborne scene, grabbed Qi Qi’s wrist under the eyes of all eyes and took her away–

It didn’t show up again all night.

Just when everyone thought Qi Qi offended the gangster to be cold, the party silently updated Weibo:

Housework, thank you for your concern.

Xun Xun opened Weibo, and the first one was forwarded @QiQi:

The wife was disobedient and smiled [smile]

People who eat melons? !

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