The bankrupt male partner doesn’t want to break up with me

Copy one:
   Nan Chenxi was wearing a book. As a bankrupt man and a girlfriend of Li Qingcang,
  Was waiting for her was originally ridiculed by tens of thousands of people: Oh, look at the poor ghost that she has made a bait!
   followed such an unlucky boyfriend, Nan Chenxi said: What do you love me I love him, can love be eaten? !
   This baby is still focused on getting rid of poverty and getting rich first!
   Finally, Nan Chenxi finally issued a good man card: “Li Qingcang, let’s break up! You are a good person!”
  As a result, Li Qingcang’s hidden identity was exposed, and a cheque worth 1 billion was placed in front of her:
   “What is the point?! Did I say I want to break up?”
  Nan Chenxi: …bye bye! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

Copy two:
   Li Qingcang went bankrupt, had nothing, and was decadent drinking.
  Everyone ignored him, only his girlfriend Nan Chenxi could not leave.
  When his second identity was exposed, he once again sat on a family of hundreds of billions of property, and was full of desire to hold his girlfriend in his palm and loved his generation. He discovered a truth:
   A girlfriend smiled on the surface, secretly thinking that someone was going to go!
   Nan Chenxi asked daily: Has Li Qingcang gone bankrupt today? !
  Answer: No, he is speaking live nationwide: Baby, I love you, I think what you think will be dark and dark!
   Nan Chenxi asks every day: Is Li Qingcang bankrupt today? !
  Answer: Report report! Li Qingcang received Warren Buffett, all stocks under his name rose by 20%. Has entered the top 30 of the Forbes ranking!
   Nan Chenxi asked three times a day: Did Li Qingcang go bankrupt today? !
  Li Qingcang personally answered: “Baby, if you want to torture me, you can change the way. For example, my bedroom is large and the bed is very comfortable.”
   A brief introduction: I am rich again, but she fled in fear of sin

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