The classic quotes of the internet celebrity duan hand, the sentence is incisive, and there is a pig cry in the middle of the night!

1. Anyone who says, “If you don’t forget, there will be repercussions”, the people you like never take care of me, want to get rich overnight, and never realize it.

2. An old classmate who has not contacted for a long time asked me on QQ: “Are you there?” I haven’t responded after seeing me for a long time, and he said: “Relax, I didn’t come to you to borrow money today.” I was relieved: “What’s the matter?””Can I borrow money from you tomorrow?”

3. What is a sense of security?A sense of security is that the wallet is rich, the electric car is full, and the boyfriend can deliver breakfast in time.

4. Hundreds of dollars are also called money for me?It’s so funny, so fucking fate!Life!It’s fate!

5. A female colleague, who has a small chest, is making a circle of friends today: underwear was stolen!I can’t help but comment on the following: Who will steal your bra if you are blind, will you steal it as an eye mask?

6. Scientific research proves that people who smoke and drink all year round have a lower probability of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, because the probability of early death is higher.

7. Today is a good day. I don’t know if any objects will fall.

8. Many people find themselves inferior to others in the issue of money, so they start to try to make a fuss in the realm of life.

9. In fact, appearance is not important, the most important thing in love is feeling, I don’t feel ugly.

10. “You changed” “I know, but I want to open” “No, you are so ugly” “…”

11. My girlfriend gave me a Bugatti for my birthday last month, and I haven’t tried it yet.Thousands of tablets, it’s too tired to put together.

12. People often say that you should be happy to earn more and less. I believe this sentence, but how can you be happy to earn less?

13. Let’s toss a coin to bet, on the positive side you will be my boyfriend, on the other side I will be your girlfriend.

14. Don’t tell me that it’s inappropriate for me to break up, my Martian and Earth’s?

15. I heard that it’s raining in your city. I don’t know if you brought an umbrella. If you bring it, the rain will be white.

16. Staying up late is because there is no courage to end the day; Lai bed is because there is no courage to start the day.

17. There is a lack of language in contemporary people, and it is impossible to chat without expressing love.The whole society, from elementary school students to middle-aged and elderly people, are all collecting expression bags, and gradually forming a chain of contempt.

18. The probability of finding true love this year is about the same as the probability of being thundered.

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