The sweet routines are so romantic that they are so irresistible!

1. Walking through thousands of mountains and waters, you can’t walk into your heart.······

2. “Do you know where the coldest place in the world is?” “Antarctica? Or the North Pole?” “None, it’s a place without you”!

3. Falling in love with someone is a matter of insecurity: the more you love someone, the more you will worry about him leaving, the more you will suffer, the more you will think.

4. The plants and trees have sunshine and water, the kites have fresh wind and rope, and I have you for the rest of my life.

5. The stars in the past are not particularly good-looking, until you accidentally look into your eyes.

6. Probably everything in the world has a place, and you are my destination.

7. Not only do you like it, but also the deep affection in your bones.····

8. The sea is the dream, the night is the dawn, and my soul is you.

9. How to solve worry, only riches, why riches, only love me!

10. Even if I own the whole world, I will not be satisfied, unless, let me have you, and can give me a corner with you.

11. I am full of words but I don’t mention it, and I don’t like the thousandth in my mouth.

12. I have no time to participate in your past, and I will accompany you in the future.

13. You must have been a carbonated drink in your last life. Why do I bubble up happily as soon as I see it?

14. The smell on your body is the best, and the way you laugh best.When you were with me, I never envy anyone, and I want to accompany you through this life.

15. You are my furry coat, the warm embrace of winter, the haven in the snow, and the person I want to hold for the rest of my life.

16. You are the mixed devil in my heart, and the little sun that I want to hold in my palm.

17. Did you smell it? After you appeared, the air was sweet.

18. When you are, you are everything; when you are not, everything is you!

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