James magnifies moves more than marches and protests

Questioners shut up! James magnifies moves more than marches and protests. The biggest move among players

The current alliance is divided into two parts. The top team of the league is busy discussing the rematch, and the return of 22 teams has become a consensus.

For many players, they have no time to think about training and competition. The departure of George Freud aroused the anger of a large number of players.

As the star of the league, James did not join the crowd who protested the march, but his approach was far more profound than the march of the march, and all those who questioned the march shut up!

All the stars have spoken for “George’s death”

Let’s briefly review “George’s death”. 46-year-old African American George Freud was arrested by four white police officers on suspicion of using fake banknotes.

After being handcuffed with hands and losing his ability to resist, a white policeman pressed George’s neck with his knees for more than 8 minutes. George begged for uselessness and lost his breath a little.

After the incident, Jordan, James, Curry and many other stars have voiced on social media. At the same time, many players took to the streets and joined the protest crowd.

Trey Young became the organizer, Jaylen Brown drove for 15 hours and stood with his fellow blacks. And James’ actions reveal the roots of why black people are so angry.

James’ company records history with documentary

According to the American media TMZ, Spring Hill Entertainment, a subsidiary of LeBron James, is producing a documentary film about the Tulsa genocide!

Compared with the current “George’s Death” parade, the Holocaust of 1921 is even more humiliating, and it is one of the most serious racial violence in American history.

At the time it was still apartheid, next to the Greenwood Tulsa community known as “Black Wall Street”, a large number of white people achieved early prosperity, but they thought that black people from “one district” might be treating them Carrying out robbery poses a serious threat to their lives.

As a result, the Tulsa genocide took place, blood flowed into the streets, and a large number of black people lost their lives.

Next year is the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa genocide. In the context of the “Death of George”, James announced through the media that his subsidiary Spring Hill Entertainment has been authorized to plan the production of this documentary. The film will be released on the 100th anniversary of 2021.

American media reported that James hopes to explain to the outside world that racial inequality has existed for too long through this documentary. At the same time, this documentary may also provide a voice for those who wish to express their views outside the ordinary media lens.

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