Protests over George Floyd's death

12 American general disobedience, Trump as a loner, 20,000 troops pulled out at any time

Senior US military officer signs against Trump’s order

On June 3, according to the “Washington Post” report, 12 generals including the Commander of the National Guard, the Commander-in-Chief of the Sixth Fleet, the Commander of the SEAL, the Commander of the US Navy in Europe issued a joint statement, refusing to execute Trump’s order to send troops to suppress the protests. The US military emphasized in the statement: “The basis of the military serving the country is trust, and the military must put an end to any order and behavior that undermines the bond of trust.” Trump had previously ordered citizens of Texas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Washington The guard was dispatched to disperse the local protesters.

U.S. military officer

According to Trump’s direct naming, the 82nd Airborne Division and 101st Airborne Division of the US Army have dispatched more than 2,000 soldiers to exercise military control in the Washington area. Trump even directly asked the army to shoot at civilians who did not follow orders. This command was met with strong resistance from many officers and soldiers. On June 3, 12 senior U.S. military officers signed a statement at the Space Operations Headquarters to formally show off with Trump, saying that they will continue to pay attention to protests against riots, but will not continue to send troops to perform such non-military tasks.


Trump’s order to dispatch troops to suppress the protests has been criticized by Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and former President Barack Obama. The governors of many states have also refused to implement Trump’s orders. There are many different opinions. Nowadays, many senior officers of the US military stand up against Trump, which means that Trump has become an orphan, and only a handful of people execute his orders. Ten thousand voters may be defeated in the US presidential election in November.

American soldier

What worries Trump the most is that the National Guards of four states not only did not participate in the suppression of the protests, but also the attitude of the officers was vacillated, and about 20,000 soldiers may succumb to the protesters at any time. 12% of the grassroots soldiers in the US military are black. Once these soldiers join the protest crowd, the scale of the protest will be further expanded. At that time, the US police alone will not be able to maintain the situation, and even the White House will face a situation of insufficient defensive strength. At present, protests and riots have spread to more than 140 cities across the United States. About 3 million people have directly participated in this event, and the number is still increasing.

American protesters

If Trump fails to deal with the protests that have swept the country, he may be impeached again by the House of Representatives. The US Navy had already been worried about the dismissal of the USS Roosevelt carrier. Six of the 12 generals in the general are from the Navy. The large-scale protests and riots have further affected the US economy. Although the US police have arrested several police officers in the George Freud case, according to previous cases, these police officers will not be severely punished. Once the verdict is officially issued, the scale of the protest is likely to expand again.

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